• October 25, 2017

Lawsuit Filed Against Retailer Curacao for Deceptive Business Practices

Lawsuit Filed Against Retailer Curacao for Deceptive Business Practices

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Updated October 25, 2017

Backed by extensive evidence and complaints submitted to DCBA, Attorney General Becerra filed a lawsuit against Curacao for practicing unsavory and illegal business practices that not only violated the trust of consumers, but in some cases left them saddled with debt

Curacao is a large retail store chain, with nine lcations in Southern California, that actively markets its products to members of the Latino community – specifically low-income, Spanish-speaking, and undocumented immigrants – who lack a credit history and have minimal experience with credit card and retail installment agreements.

In the lawsuit, Attorney General Xavier Becerra alleges that Curacao engages in numerous and pervasive unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent business practices, including:

•         Bait-and-switch advertising

•         Product bundling

•         Adding items and services to consumers’ contracts without their knowledge or consent

•         Failing to provide notice that translated contracts are available to consumers who negotiate in Spanish

•         Failing to tell consumers about return policies until after purchase

•         Failing to honor return policies

•         Failing to explain contract financing terms

•         Failing to tell consumers about important warranty terms

•         Failing to honor warranties

•         Harassing and threatening consumers who fall behind on their payments

•         Failing to properly serve consumer defendants in small claims cases

You can read DCBA’s press release here (available in English and Spanish). If you believe you’ve been a victimized by Curacao, contact DCBA at (800) 593-8222 or file a complaint online.