DCBA Receives Outstanding Project Award at Mediation Week Presentation

DCBA Receives Outstanding Project Award at Mediation Week Presentation 1024 682 Consumer & Business

DCBA Receives Outstanding Project Award at Los Angeles County Mediation Week Presentation

DCBA was presented with the Outstanding Project award for their parent-school conflict resolution roundtable held during 2016’s National Mediation Week festivities.

The Human Relations Branch of the Workforce Development Aging & Community Services (WDACS) department recognized DCBA for their outstanding dedication to helping people resolve their conflicts.  The parent-school roundtable featured esteemed panelists from the dispute resolution field that encouraged developing and creating new mediation programs to resolve disputes between parents and school systems.

Director Brian J. Stiger, Deputy Director Joel Ayala, Mediation Supervisor Maritza Gutierrez, and Mediator Tanzila Huda accepted the award on behalf of DCBA.

Centinela Youth Services received the “Outstanding Case” award for their mediating a case involving a 12-year-old student who was found guilty of stealing five laptops from his elementary school. After completing probation, the student at this point an 18-year-old, was anxious to get out of the probation system but was unable to pay back the $5,000 restitution due to his family’s financial challenges. Centinela Youth Services used the restorative justice approach between the student and the school, resulting in the school forgiving the restitution, probation approving the settlement, and the young man getting released from probation.

Jacqueline Miller Stoops, a volunteer with Loyola Law School’s Center for Conflict Resolution received the “Outstanding Adult Volunteer” award after completing 65 hours of training and volunteering over 350 hours of service over 18 months.

“Mediation is one of the most used conflict resolution skills and it really helps to promote positive human relations, in a diverse metropolis like Los Angeles County. Intergroup relations are strengthened when people are able to sit down face-to-face and have a chance to really understand each other through the mediation process, and agree on the solutions together,” said Robin Toma, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission.

Last year, DCBA also won the Outstanding Project award for the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program.