Immigrant Consumer Protection

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Immigrant Consumer Protection

Knowing your consumer rights and common frauds are strong tools to protect yourself and your family against consumer fraud and abuse. The information below will help you be a smarter consumer.

Immigration Services Fraud: Complaints, Investigations, Counseling

Learn how to identify, prevent, and resolve instances of immigration fraud.

Collection Agencies

What to do if they contact you.

Payday Lenders

Check cashers that loan you money - for a fee.

Car Title Loans

A loan in which the borrower gives their car’s title in exchange for a short-term, high-interest loan.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

If you are a renter, we can help explain the laws about rent payments, leases, making repairs, late fees or returning deposits. We can tell you what to look for when you move in and guide you through the process of moving out.

Before You Rent | Living In Your Rental Unit | Moving Out of Your Rental

Minimum Wage Violations

Get information on Los Angeles County's minimum wage, including the schedule of increases, specific language in the ordinance, and how to file a complaint about an alleged wage violation.