Immigration Legal Resources and Self-Help

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Immigration Legal Resources and Self-Help

Non-Profit Organizations Approved by the Board of Immigration Appeals

These organizations are allowed to provide low-cost immigration representation. Search this link by state and city.

Become a Citizen: Forms and Study Guides

County of Los Angeles Public Libraries can help you get material on citizenship and immigration. In addition, the County Library proudly hosts the U.S. Pathways for New Americans centers.

Self-Help: Los Angeles County Self-Help Legal Access Centers (SHLAC)

The SHLAC program meets a critical need in Los Angeles County by providing information and resources to litigants that are representing themselves in court without the help of an attorney.

Verifying Immigration Attorneys

Immigration attorneys specialize in immigration law and charge for representation. ALWAYS request to see their law license, and verify it with the State Bar in the state that gave it to them. Verify lawyers licensed in California at the California State Bar's website.