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Top Holiday Job Scams and How to Avoid the Traps

Looking for a job this holiday season? Read our guide to avoid hiring scams.

Lawsuit Filed Against Retailer Curacao for Deceptive Business Practices

Attorney General Becerra filed a lawsuit against Curacao for committing numerous illegal business practices that ripped off consumers and left them in debt traps.

DCBA Celebrates National Mediation Week 2017

Want to resolve a business dispute or disagreement? Learn all the ways mediation can help you reach a resolution this National Mediation Week: October 15-21, 2017.

October is National Financial Planning Month

October is National Financial Planning Month and DCBA’s Center for Financial Empowerment encourages you to practice healthy financial habits.

Buying a Pet? Beware of Online Sales Scams

Looking for a furry or fine-feathered companion? Before you start, read our tips to avoid scams.

Donate Wisely to Disaster Charities

Act wisely if you choose to donate to victims of recent disasters. Make sure your donation goes to victims, not to scam artists. Here are some tips:

Keep Protecting Yourself After the Disaster

Suffered damage during recent wildfires? Protect yourself against scams and price gouging during and after an emergency. Some people try to profit from those who are most vulnerable. Know the difference between those who help and harm.

Millions of Consumers Affected by Equifax Hack

Approximately 143 million U.S. consumers may have had their personal data stolen in a major data breach against the credit reporting agency Equifax.

Younger Consumers, Get Smart about Credit Today!

“Get Smart about Credit Day” reminds younger consumers that making smart financial choices today can lead to big benefits later in life.

County of Los Angeles Homeowner Notification Program Combats Real Estate Fraud

Since 1996, DCBA and Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk have collaborated on the Homeowner Notification Program. As part of the program, homeowners are notified by mail any time a document that changes ownership is recorded.

DCBA Partners with BizFed to Educate Businesses on the Minimum Wage and Contracting Opportunities

DCBA joins forces with BizFed to show businesses how they can comply with minimum wage laws and take advantage of contracting opportunities with the County.

Center for Financial Empowerment Debuts Resource Guide for Residents Seeking Financial Empowerment Services

DCBA's Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE) has developed a resource guide to help you navigate a variety of free or low-cost financial empowerment services.

Minimum wage increased in unincorporated Los Angeles County on July 1

Got questions about the minimum wage? We know the laws can be confusing. Whether you are a worker or a business owner, call our Wage Enforcement team at (800) 593-8222.

Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses to Multiply Thanks to Partnership with City of Los Angeles

Certified County of Los Angeles Local Small Business Enterprises (LSBEs) can bid on City of Los Angeles contracts.

Watch Out for Elder Financial Abuse Scams

The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It's a good time to remind ourselves of the best ways to keep seniors safe from elder financial abuse.

Foreclosure Prevention Team Makes a Difference During National Homeownership Month

DCBA's Foreclosure Prevention unit has assisted hundreds of homeowners across Los Angeles County. This National Homeownership Month, learn about one recent successful case.

Contracting Connections Program Helps Small Businesses Certify, Connect, and Grow

Want to sell your goods or services to Los Angeles County? We're buying! The County has set a goal to increase the number of contracts awarded to small businesses.

Consumer News Alert: Local auto group to pay $3.6 million to settle charges filed with the Federal Trade Commission after DCBA investigation

A local auto group is accused of employing illegal sales tactics. Know your rights and read these tips when shopping for vehicles.

UPDATE: DCBA investigation leads to five-year prison sentence for fake immigration attorney

A DCBA investigation, in partnership with the office of the California Attorney General and other agencies, has resulted in felony charges against the owner of a Los Angeles-based business for defrauding immigrants.

L.A. County Small Business Initiative boosts local businesses

The Small Business Initiative is a five-year Countywide initiative designed to help small businesses succeed and grow during the minimum wage increases.

Making Home Affordable Program ends; Contact us for foreclosure help

Are you facing foreclosure? Contact us for help keeping your home and tips on avoiding loan modification scams.

Small Business Concierge a boon for L.A. County entrepreneurs

Starting a small business can be a difficult and daunting task. The County of Los Angeles has the one answer a prospective business owner needs: the Small Business Concierge.

Want to Be a Star? Start by Avoiding Talent Services Scams

Legitimate talent representatives do not to ask their clients for upfront money. Your success is their success. Unfortunately, some would-be talent service providers/agents are less concerned about your career aspirations. They want your money, right away, before the lights and cameras get flipped on.

DCBA Celebrates Month of the Military Consumer

If you are a servicemember, you will often face unique financial and personal challenges. DCBA is committed to serving the needs of military consumers during the "Month of the Military Consumer."

Alfred Angelo customers: Take Action to Protect Your Purchases UPDATED

Bridal dress retailer Alfred Angelo, which has two Los Angeles County locations, unexpectedly closed all of its stores recently. If you are a current customer of Alfred Angelo stores, you can take action to protect your purchases.

DCBA Wage Enforcement Joins Forces with Federal, State Departments

DCBA signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of Labor and California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement to help resolve alleged wage violation cases more efficiently and assist in outreach efforts to area workers and businesses.

LifeSmarts seeking consumer-savvy students

LifeSmarts is an online-based curriculum that brings real-world skills to students. The program includes core consumer topics including: Personal Finance, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, Health & Safety, Technology, and the Environment.

Seeking California’s brightest, consumer-savvy students!

Register now for LifeSmarts and represent our state in nationwide quiz competition! LifeSmarts is a fun, team-based competition designed to teach middle school and high school students the knowledge and skills they need to be smart, consumer savvy adults.

DCBA Celebrates National Small Business Week 2017

Los Angeles County is joining the country in celebrating National Small Business Week, designated as April 30 through May 6 by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

DCBA Joins Community Groups to Increase Awareness about L.A. County’s Minimum Wage Ordinance

DCBA is proud to partner with the L.A. County Workplace Justice Collaborative for outreach to workers and businesses on the minimum wage ordinance in effect in unincorporated areas of the County.

Watch Out for Government Look-alike Scams

Beware of official-looking documents in the mail, or similar phone calls or emails, as they may be traps to get you to buy phony services, or give up your personal private information.

Know Your Food Labels Before You Buy

Understanding the buzzwords can cut confusion for consumers.

Avoid Being a Victim of Holiday Scams

'Tis the season for giving. But beware of the Grinches out there who scam consumers and commit fraud to fill their own stockings.

Don’t let holiday debt get you down, take action!

As much as you enjoyed seeing your friends and family open the gifts you purchased, are you now realizing that you spent more than you meant to during this holiday season? Here are 10 tips to help you tackle post-holiday debt.

Don’t let debt spoil your holiday season

For many consumers, giving gifts for the holidays can quickly turn into overspending. The Department of Consumer Affairs wants you to spend wisely this holiday season. Here are some important tips to keep you from falling into debt with your holiday shopping.

Increase Your Cyber Security During Holiday Shopping

With the holiday shopping season now underway, you may be doing more online shopping during the next few weeks. Large-scale data breaches are on the rise. While risk can never be fully eliminated, good online habits can certainly reduce your risk.

Layaway is an Option for Holiday Shoppers

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may already be thinking about getting a head start on holiday shopping. If you have no credit, limited credit, or you just want an alternative that allows you to spread out the cost of paying for gifts, layaway can be an effective way to pay.

VITA Can Help You File Your Taxes for Free and Keep The Money You've Earned

Why pay to file your taxes when you can file for free? Using the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, you can keep the money you’ve earned.

Fulfill Your Dream Vacation and Avoid a Travel Nightmare

It’s summertime and, for many, traveling season is here. How do you help ensure your vacation is relaxing and not ruined by high costs and stress? Don’t forget the sunscreen, your itinerary, and these helpful tips.

Your First College Lesson: Avoid Scholarship Scams

Getting a scholarship can help students manage the high costs of college. Searching for scholarships can be difficult and it might make you vulnerable to unrealistic promises and scams. Here are some common scholarship scams you should look to avoid.

Get the Max from Your Tax Return

You have worked all year and now it’s time to complete your 2016 tax return. Filing out your own taxes can be complicated and hiring the right tax preparer can be nerve-racking. How do you make sure you get all available tax credits and refunds? Follow these tips.

Starting college? Make sure you pass Credit 101

As you head off to college, you will want to make sure you can handle the costs of basics such as food and books plus any unexpected costs. This often means getting your first credit card. A little credit card savvy can go a long way in maximizing opportunities and avoiding credit dangers.

Make the Most of Your Money When It’s Time to Travel

You might want to travel to another country and explore distant cultures. You may just be interested in visiting a state you’ve never seen before. Or you might be interested in visiting a city not too far from home. No matter where you go, remember these tips so you can avoid making costly decisions while travelling.

Home Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

June is National Homeownership Month and in celebration, we put together this list of helpful hints and resources for first-time home buyers.

Six New Laws for Your Small Business in the New Year

Not sure how much paid sick leave to give your workers? Worried about losing a deceased parent’s disabled veteran-owned business? Uncertain about how to resolve Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints? Several new laws for 2016 will impact your business. Here are six new laws every business owner should know.

Students of Closed Schools Have Consumer Rights

Students of recently closed Career Colleges of America might be able to get their tuition costs reimbursed or federal loans discharged.

DCBA celebrates National Consumer Protection Week 2017

We are proud to celebrate National Consumer Protection Week during the week of March 5-11, 2017. Each day, DCBA will focus on an important consumer protection topic.

Minimum Wage Increases in Unincorporated Los Angeles County

Effective July 1, 2016, the minimum wage in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County is $10.50 an hour for businesses with 26 or more employees. People who work at least two hours in a one-week period in any unincorporated area of the County are entitled to the new wage.

Entrepreneurs, Try Our New Small Business Services in 2016

If you’re thinking about starting a business in the New Year, we can help turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. DCBA is proud to offer the Small Business Concierge and now Small Business Saturdays, a free, informative workshop series to help prospective business owners in L.A. County.

April is California Financial Literacy Month

California Financial Literacy Month is all about helping Californians achieve their financial goals. Understanding how financial products and services work helps you make better, more informed decisions.

Students of Now-Closed ITT Tech Have Consumer Rights

ITT Educational Services, Inc. has closed all ITT Technical Institute locations nationwide, including 14 campuses in California. If you are a student, get all of your records in order and you might get relief on your loans and tuition costs.

DCBA Celebrates 2016 National Mediation Week

Having issues with a landlord, neighbor, or business owner? Looking for an alternative to court? Learn how mediation can help you resolve a variety of disputes.

DCA investigators help put end to loan modification scam

Investigators from the County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs assisted in a multi-agency investigation which led to jail sentences for four individuals involved in a loan modification scam.

Rent-to-Own Business Pays $28.4M Settlement to State

The California Attorney General’s Office announced a $28.4 million settlement with Aaron’s, Inc. to resolve allegations that the company violated California consumer protection and privacy laws. Aaron’s is the second largest rent-to-own business in the nation. The County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs assisted with the investigation.

DCBA Receives Outstanding Project Award at Los Angeles County Mediation Week Presentation

DCBA was recognized with the Outstanding Project award for the parent-school roundtable held during 2016's National Mediation Week.

Got World Series Fever? Make Sure You Dodge Ticket Scams

Game 7 of the World Series is tonight. You wanna be in the room where it happens? Buy wisely, Dodgers fans! When demand and prices soar, so does the opportunity for scammers to try to dupe eager spenders.

DCBA Awarded for Mediation Program during L.A. County Mediation Week

The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) is proud to celebrate Mediation Week in the County of Los Angeles from April 4-8, 2016.

DCBA Celebrates National Consumer Protection Week 2016

When it comes to being a smart consumer, here are some simple Dos and Don’ts to remember this National Consumer Protection Week, which takes place from March 6-12, 2016.

Employees Benefit from California Sick Leave Law

On September 10, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, which requires California employers to implement paid sick leave. The new law became effective on July 1, 2015.

DCBA celebrates Small Business Week 2016

If you own a small business or you’re thinking about starting a business, DCBA is here to work for you. National Small Business Week takes place from May 1-7, 2016. DCBA is celebrating with two special events for entrepreneurs.

‘Notarios’ in L.A. County indicted on immigration fraud charges

An immigration consultant and one of her employees were arrested after being named in a federal indictment that alleges they filed fraudulent “green card” applications on behalf of immigrants who were married to U.S. citizens.

DCA Expands Homeowner Notification Program

Consumer Affairs is pleased to announce an expansion of its Homeowner Notification Program, which has informed and assisted Los Angeles County homeowners for more than 15 years.

DCBA’s mediators have delivered results for 30 years

National Mediation Week 2015 is Oct. 11-17. Since 1986, DCBA mediators have served the consumers and businesses of Los Angeles County. It’s a successful program and one that continues to grow, both in size and quality.

Car dealers settle charges after DCA/FTC investigation

Multiple car dealers have agreed to settle charges of deceptive practices in the sale, financing, and leasing of motor vehicles with the FTC. DCA assisted the FTC with multiple investigations in Los Angeles County as part of a nationwide sweep.

DCBA celebrates National Consumer Protection Week 2015

The County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is proud to celebrate National Consumer Protection Week from March 1-7, 2015

Consumer Scams Impacting Our Seniors

May is Older Americans Month and we are taking the opportunity to remind the older members of our community that they should be on the lookout for consumer scams.

The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs: new name, expanded services

The Department of Consumer Affairs has always been dedicated to making the County of Los Angeles a better place to live, shop, and do business. We continue that dedication with a significant change: a new department name to represent our expanded services. We are proud to reintroduce ourselves as the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs.