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IRS W2 Email Scam

March 24, 2017

The scam:

You’ve got mail! OK, this email looks like it’s from the IRS.

(You might think: well, it’s tax season. That seems reasonable.)

The message says that it’s a warning recent scams involving W2s.

(…No one likes scams. How do I stay safe?)

The message continues: in order to be safe, send us a copy of your W2 immediately.

(…Well, that seems weird, but should I do it?)

The truth:

Never send your W2 or any personal information in response to an unexpected email!

This is just another IRS phishing scam, where impostors will try any method to get you to give up your valuable information. It might be a phone call, a text message, or in this scam, an email that pretends to be from the IRS to fool unsuspecting tax payers.

Keep your important tax and financial documents safe in your home, like you would with jewelry or money.

Always use a reliable tax preparer. Look for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance locations near your area at

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