Forms: Before Your Case

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Forms: Before Your Case

Plaintiff's Claim (SC-100)

Use this form to file a small claims case. You are the Plaintiff and the person or business you are suing is the Defendant.

Other Plaintiffs or Defendants (SC-100A)

Use this form if you are filing a case that involves three or more Plaintiffs or Defendants. Fill out this form and attach it to your Plaintiff's Claim.

Defendant's Claim (SC-120)

Use this form to sue the person suing you.

Other Plaintiffs or Defendants (SC-120A)

If you are countersuing three or more Plaintiffs, fill out this form and attach it to your Defendant's Claim form.

Proof of Service (SC-104)

This form must be filled out and signed by the person who serves your court papers. The Proof of Service tells the court that the Defendant got the court papers.

Subpoena (SC-107)

Get witnesses and documents to court.

Authorization to Appear (SC-109)

If you are appearing for a business or need to appear on the behalf of someone, fill in this form and give it to the courtroom clerk.

Request for Court Order and Answer (SC-105)

Use this form to request the court to do something concerning your case. This form can be used before trial or after a judgment has been entered.