I Was Sued

What to Do If You've Been Sued

What to do if you are sued in Small Claims Court. If you have been sued, you are the defendant.

Naming the Party You Are Suing

Learn how to correctly name the person or business you are suing and why it is important.

Venue: Filing in the Right Court

Find the right court at which to file your case.

Small Claims Court Fees

A list of fees charged by the court, the Sheriff and the Secretary of State.

Filing Court Papers

Find out your options for filing court documents.

Serving Court Papers

How to serve court papers on a person or business

Serving a Corporation

Different rules apply when you serve court papers on a corporation.


Get witnesses and documents to court.

Preparing for Your Day in Court: Defendants

How to prepare and present your case in court.

Motion to Vacate

What to do if you missed your court date.

Checking Your Case Status

Get a case summary from the court online.

Mediation Services

Use our mediation services to resolve your dispute without going to court.