Pay/Collect Judgment

Collecting Your Judgment

How to collect money awarded to you by the court.

Paying Your Judgment

How to pay your judgment and update your credit report.

Judgment Debtor Hearing

You’ve won your case but can’t collect. How to make the judgment debtor appear in court so you can find assets and collect your money.

Finding a Person or Business

How to find a person or business you are suing.

Suspending a Driver License to Force Payment

If you win an automobile accident case, you can suspend the Defendant’s driver license if your judgment is not paid.

Adding Collection Costs & Interest to Judgment

If you paid fees to the Sheriff or Court Clerk, you can add those amounts to your judgment. You can also add 10% interest from the date the judgment was entered.

Small Claims Court Fees

A list of fees charged by the court, the Sheriff and the Secretary of State.

Checking Your Case Status

Get a case summary from the court online.

Mediation Services

Use our mediation services to resolve your dispute without going to court.