Additional Resources

Is This Workplace in an Unincorporated Area?

Workers and business owners can follow this guide to see if work was done in an unincorporated area of L.A. County.


Honest Work, Fair Pay poster

Download and share DCBA's Wage Enforcement Program's promotional poster, featuring L.A. County's minimum wage increase schedule.


L.A. County Workplace Justice Collaborative

DCBA is working in partnership with the L.A. County Workplace Justice Collaborative, a collection of 12 community groups, to better educate workers and employers about the new minimum wage.

City of Santa Monica's Wage Ordinance

The City of Santa Monica has contracted with L.A. County DCBA to enforce their wage ordinance.

State of California Department of Industrial Relations

The Department of Industrial Relations enforces the State’s minimum wage.

City of Los Angeles Office of Wage Standards

The Los Angeles Office of Wage Standards, part of the Bureau of Contract Administration, enforces the City of Los Angeles minimum wage.