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Basics of L.A. County's Minimum Wage (for employers)

If you pay workers to do work in unincorporated L.A. County, here are some important details about the new minimum wage.

L.A. County Required Workplace Posting (English)

Every Employer shall post this notice in a conspicuous place at any workplace or jobsite located within the unincorporated areas of the County where any Employee works. Employee Notification Requirements: Posting reproductions or facsimiles of DCBA's Official Notice shall constitute compliance with the posting requirements of Los Angeles County Code Section 8.101.060 (A) where such reproductions or facsimiles are at least 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches, and the printing size is in at least 10 point font. Whenever the size of the DCBA's Official Notice increases, the size of the print shall also increase accordingly.

L.A. County Required Workplace Posting (Spanish)

In addition to the Required Posting in English: This poster must be displayed in a conspicuous and accessible place at job sites, in English, Spanish, and the primary language used by the employer to communicate with employees regarding employees’ work functions, if other than English or Spanish.

Vietnamese | Chinese | Korean | Tagalog | Armenian

Small Business Initiative

The Small Business Initiative helps small businesses in unincorporated Los Angeles County transition to paying the new minimum wage. It is a collaboration of County resources to help you save money, make money, and grow your business.

L.A. County Small Business Resource Guide (PDF)

Basics of L.A. County's Minimum Wage (for employers) print version

Here's a printable PDF version of our Basics of L.A. County's Minimum Wage tipsheet. This tipsheet is available in the other languages listed below.

Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Tagalog | Armenian

Understanding Misclassification in the Workplace

Misclassification happens when a worker is incorrectly classified as an independent contractor rather than an employee.


City of Santa Monica's Wage Ordinance

The City of Santa Monica has contracted with L.A. County DCBA to enforce their wage ordinance.