Buying a Car

Buying a New Car

What to know before shopping for a new car.

Buying a Used Car

How to find and buy a good used car.

Leasing a Car

Leases are a long-term rental. Learn if leasing is right for you.

California Car Buyer's Bill of Rights

This California law applies when you buy a car from a licensed dealer.

The Lemon Law

If your new car cannot be repaired, you may be entitled to a replacement or a refund.

Service Contracts and Extended Warranties

Some offer good protection at a fair price. Others have conditions and exclusions that make them almost worthless.

Co-signing for a Car

If you co-sign for a car, you must pay if the other person doesn’t.

Canceling A Contract

You can’t always cancel a contract, but many contracts can be canceled within certain time limits.