Contracts & Loans

Canceling A Contract

You can’t always cancel a contract, but many contracts can be canceled within certain time limits.

Collection Agencies

What to do if they contact you.

Signing a Contract

What to know and do before you sign a contract.

Co-signing a Contract

If you co-sign a contract for a friend or relative, you must pay if they don’t.

Contracts in Other Languages

If you speak to the salesperson in a language other than English, some purchases require that you get a copy of the contract in that language

Immigration Services Fraud

Dishonest immigration consultants often damage consumers by taking their money and hurting their chances to adjust their immigration status. Learn how to avoid fraud.

Payday Lenders

Check cashers that loan you money - for a fee.

Car Title Loans

A loan in which the borrower gives their car’s title in exchange for a short-term, high-interest loan.