LA-ODR (TurboCourt)

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LA-ODR (TurboCourt) offers parties a no-cost service that provides Small Claims Court and Unlawful Detainer litigants an opportunity to explore settlement options before the hearing date.

Beginning February 24, 2021, each Plaintiff and each Defendant must register for LASC Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) – Small Claims within five (5) calendar days of receipt of this notice.

How TurboCourt Works

The interactive program provides litigants a platform to confidentially:
  • Share documents
  • Propose a resolution, and ultimately,
  • Reach a written settlement agreement before the hearing
If all parties reach a resolution, litigants may not have to appear at the hearing or trial date.
The LA-ODR feature allows litigants to electronically co-create an agreement, sign and submit to the Court.
Litigants can request the assistance of a certified and experienced mediator to facilitate and guide necessary conversations between the parties to find common ground and address realistic solutions.
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Watch the videos below to learn more.

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