• April 9, 2021

Take Your Best Shot and Let’s Get Business Booming Again

Take Your Best Shot and Let’s Get Business Booming Again

Take Your Best Shot and Let’s Get Business Booming Again 1024 549 Consumer & Business

The LA County Office of Small Business Encourages Business Owners to Help Their Workers Get Vaccinated

Prevent Outbreaks at the WorkplaceWith thousands of business ordered to close and residents asked to shelter at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LA County businesses have faced a tumultuous and uncertain year. However today, as the overall outlook of the health emergency continues to improve and more businesses are permitted to re-open under the County’s Health Officer Orders, there is reason for optimism.

A major factor in this improvement is the increased vaccination of eligible people in Los Angeles County. Simply put, the full reopening of the workplace depends on the success of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the effort to increase vaccinations starts in the workplace itself.

The Los Angeles County Office of Small Business, part of the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, urges all business owners to encourage their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

All adults in Los Angeles County will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning Thursday, April 15.

“We applaud LA County businesses for their daily work of following public health protocols to keep their workers and customers safe,” said Rafael Carbajal, Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. “Perhaps the most important step a business owner can take today is to help get your employees get vaccinated. A healthy business is a business ready to thrive in 2021.”

While COVID-19 is slowing down, it is not gone. The potential for transmission at workplaces remains significant. Businesses must continue to follow proper protocols, including occupancy control, distancing, masking, and proper use of personal protective equipment.

Other steps businesses can take to remain healthy and successful:

  • Offer incentives for employees to get vaccinated – Some businesses are offering the equivalent of two to four hours of pay so that hourly employees do not suffer a financial loss when they take time away from work to get vaccinated.
  • Encourage vaccinated workers share their success – Allow workers to put a sticker on their ID badge to show customers and clients they have been vaccinated and that your business cares about public health.
  • Incorporate the lessons of the pandemic into normal operations – Report any outbreaks. Allow employees to work from home, if possible, especially if they are sick. Limit crowds and encourage masking or other PPE. Improve contactless payment and curbside pickup options.

For more information about how to get vaccinated, visit VaccinateLACounty.com.

For more information about public health protocols for businesses, visit covid19.lacounty.gov/recovery.

To get connected with available resources to help your businesses, visit the LA County Disaster Help Center at lacountyhelpcenter.org, or call (833) 238-4450.