About the Office of Cannabis Management

Since 2017, the Los Angeles County Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has served LA County and its residents by leading the transition of cannabis to a regulated market with policies that seek to protect consumers, promote the health & safety of our communities. With a focus on responsible regulation and education, OCM is a resource to County Departments, other agencies, and the community.

The OCM also serves as a countywide coordinating body, working closely with the Board of Supervisors and County departments to implement the County’s cannabis policies and priorities.

As directed by the Board of Supervisors and along with affected departments, the OCM will:

Five circular icons with the words: coordinate, engage, dialogue, assist, advocate
  • Coordinate the development of ordinances and policies regarding commercial cannabis activities;
  • Engage industry and community groups to ensure the County’s cannabis regulations are working;
  • Dialogue with cities and other counties to share ideas and best practices, and to work toward a general uniformity of approach to cannabis regulation;
  • Assist County public health and law enforcement officials to track and address developments related to cannabis; and
  • Work with the County’s Office of Legislation and Intergovernmental Affairs to advocate for legislation at the state and federal levels that advances the County’s cannabis policies and priorities.


Submit questions to the Office of Cannabis Management via email: Cannabis@lacounty.gov. OCM staff will respond directly to constituent inquiries or will refer an inquiry to appropriate County staff for response.

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