COVID-19 Landlord-Tenant Rent Resolution

The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is here to help landlords and tenants impacted by COVID-19. Through our Rent Resolution process, tenants and landlords can work out payment arrangements for any unpaid rent or alternative solutions during and
after the moratorium period.

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How it works

Voluntary Participation
For this process to begin, both parties (e.g., landlord and tenant) must agree to participate.

The process

The rent resolution process is informal. We will speak with you and the other party to help resolve your dispute. This can occur with all parties present during joint or separate virtual meetings or telephone conversations.

We do not decide the outcome of a dispute but are here to help you reach a mutual agreement. We do not represent either party and do not make decisions, judgments or take sides.

Legal Advice
We do not give legal advice or opinions and do not make legal rulings.

Our services are provided at no charge.

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Updated June 2, 2020