Welcome to the LA County Dispute Resolution Program


We can help you can resolve problems in a courteous manner that is free or low-cost!

We know conflicts can be difficult, but they also present opportunities for growth and understanding. Our team of non-profit mediation organizations is here to guide individuals, businesses, and organizations resolve disputes through mediation and dialogue.

Whether you’re dealing with a disagreement with a business, your neighbors, or family members, we are here to guide you through the process with empathy and professionalism.

Discover how we can help you find common ground and reach agreements that work for everyone involved!

Sample areas in which we can help:

  • Neighbor Disputes, including parking, noise, property disputes, children, pets, property boundaries, fences, nuisances, shared facilities, suspected criminal behavior, tree disputes, and trespassing.
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes, including rent increases, repairs, security deposits, lease terms, evictions, HOA disagreements, housing conditions, notices for rent increases, lockouts, security deposits, retaliation, and reasonable accommodations.
  • Consumer Disputes, including issues with goods or services, refunds and returns, contract disputes, billing, failure to provide services, lost packages, deposits, and warranty denials.
  • Family Disputes, including disputes with current and former household members that involve housing disputes, business issues, sibling rivalry, and disagreements about living arrangements, finances, and debts.
  • Business Disputes, including contractual disagreements, partnerships disputes, and breaches of contract.
  • Healthcare Disputes, including billing, debt collection, insurance providers, and emergency services.
  • Justice-Involved Disputes, including issues involving law enforcement or judicial officers; injured or injuring individuals, and interested professionals and community members.


  • It’s Confidential, Neutral and Voluntary: Confidentiality enables parties to share information without worrying about it getting out. The procedure is voluntary, requiring decision-making free from force and consent. By treating all sides equally and guaranteeing equal time spent, neutrality assures impartiality.
  • It’s Accessible and Friendly: Many find it difficult to navigate the legal system due to high costs and complexity. Dispute resolution services provide an accessible avenue to address grievances and seek justice.
  • It Preserves Relationships: Litigation is adversarial and can damage relationships. Dispute resolution focuses on collaboration. This is particularly beneficial in family and neighbor disputes where maintaining a relationship is crucial.
  • It Has High Satisfaction Rates: The collaborative nature of mediation and the control it provides participants over the outcome contribute to a sense of fairness. This can lead to better compliance with agreements and fewer recurring disputes.
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