Safe Sidewalk Vending Act Fact Sheets

Safe Sidewalk Vending Act

Dismissal of Pre-2019 Convictions and Charges
for Illegal Sidewalk Vending

Petition for Dismissal: A person convicted of illegal sidewalk vending before January 1, 2019, can petition for dismissal of the sentence, fine, or conviction in the trial court where the person was convicted. A conviction is eligible for dismissal if all of the following are true:

  • The person is currently serving a sentence, has completed serving a sentence, or is subject to a fine for a conviction of a misdemeanor or an infraction for sidewalk vending.
  • The conviction was after trial or by open or negotiated plea.
  • The person would not have been guilty of the offense under the act if the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act had been in effect when the offense was committed.

(Gov. Code §51039(g)(1).)

Click here for the dismissal petition form.

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